Video: Encryption and Lawful Access in Thailand and the U.S.

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Data Privacy Asia

January 15, 2017

During the Data Privacy Asia 2016 conference, Jeffrey Blatt of Tilleke & Gibbins presented on the topic “Encryption and Lawful Access Debate in Thailand and the U.S.: One Step Forward, Two Steps Back.” During his talk, Jeffrey addressed the recent surge in governments, both in Asia and the West, enacting laws designed to compel internet service providers and organizations to disclose personal subscriber user data as a response to lawful government access requests. He went on to review the latest developments in this area, and discussed the ramifications these developments may have on global business models. Case studies were presented to the audience, illustrating the differences between online spying, investigating, and hacking.

Data Privacy Asia 2016 focused primarily on informing participants on trends and issues pertaining to privacy and government access to data. Jeffrey’s full presentation, which took place in Singapore on November 9, 2016, can be viewed below, and more Data Privacy Asia 2016 videos are available on the organization's website.