Guiding Transformation

Guiding Transformation

You face challenges every day that you operate your business. And then there are the challenges that directly affect your ability to operate.  When your bottom line will be adversely impacted by the outcome of litigation, we step in to provide litigation firepower.

Despite the coming of the information age or perhaps because of it, labor disputes, fueled by mass media, can prove to be the unraveling of a business. From handling employment claims submitted by 279 employees to resolving a highly publicized battle between NGOs and our client over issues of freedom of speech and lèse-majesté, we prevail in bet-the-company litigation.  And we succeed in preventing such litigation.  In a recent urgent matter, for example, we diffused a labor dispute during a political crisis in which the union leaders sought to use national security laws to halt our client’s business operations.  Managing and resolving labor disputes allows our clients to be even more profitable.

In disputes where the product drives the business, we aggressively pursue all civil and criminal remedies against persons who steal innovation from our clients.  We recently represented a leading Japanese developer of advanced optics technologies in the successful prosecution of both civil and criminal matters related to use of confidential trade secrets and theft of client property. In a case involving patented biotechnology, we tenaciously pursued a former director who delivered our client’s trade secrets to our client’s main competitor. We secured a Labor Court judgment against the former director for breach of a noncompetition agreement. Protecting proprietary information in Southeast Asia has widespread implications in the global market.

Where significant sums, sought to be recovered or avoided in litigation, directly impact our client’s bottom line, we are zealous litigators and effective negotiators. We successfully defended one of Thailand’s largest foreign investors against an international insurance provider in four complex defective product lawsuits pertaining to power generation equipment. The court dismissed each of the multimillion dollar lawsuits. We were also successful in defending a leading global logistics company in three separate criminal actions brought by the Thai Customs Department, each carrying considerable fines.  Protecting our clients’ assets from invalid claims increases access to capital.   

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