Shipping and Maritime

Shipping and Maritime

Born from our deep knowledge in transportation and logistics and our top litigation practice, our shipping and maritime practice is well-positioned to respond to our clients’ full range of legal needs in Thailand and Vietnam. Our industry-leading clients include shipowners, charterers, port operators, shipyards, cargo owners, cargo interests, offshore and onshore service providers, insurers, banks, P&I clubs, and traders.

Our lawyers take immediate action to resolve emergency shipping situations, such as ship arrest, ship collision, and marine casualties or accidents.

We specialize in the intersection and integration of Thai and Vietnamese law with international jurisprudence, the laws of other ASEAN member countries, and industry best practices. And we utilize all available legal tools to perfect, defend, and secure our clients’ rights to cargo, vessels, components of vessels, profit, and compensation for damages.

Our maritime and shipping services include:

  • Cargo recoveries
  • Charterparties
  • Crew and offshore employment
  • Environmental regulatory issues
  • Freight forwarding
  • Letter of credit disputes
  • Marine insurance
  • Maritime casualties
  • Offshore injuries
  • Ship arrest / ship release
  • Shipbuilding
  • Ship finance
  • Ship registration
  • Ship sale and purchase

Our firm offers unparalleled expertise in Thailand’s maritime regime, including the Carriage of Goods by Sea Act (1991), Arrest of Ships Act (1991), Ship Mortgages and Maritime Liens Act (1994), Thai Vessel Act (1938), Civil Liability and Damage from the Ship Collision Act (2005), General Average from a Common Peril of the Sea Act (2004), Multimodal Transport Act (2005), all of the relevant amendments of such acts, and all of the major international conventions.

In addition to achieving swift justice for our clients in Thailand’s Intellectual Property and International Trade Court, we have also effectively advanced our clients’ interests through reaching out to key industry players, arbitration or mediation with opposing parties, and collaboration with governmental authorities, including the Royal Thai Customs Department, the Port Authority of Thailand, and the Marine Department.

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