IP Registration and Enforcement

IP Registration and Enforcement

Tilleke & Gibbins collaborates with clients to identify the true essence and unity of their inventions and the distinctiveness of their marks and to achieve durable legal recognition and protection of such intellectual property. We work tirelessly to ensure that our clients receive the protection they deserve, both regionally and internationally, by not only enforcing their rights against potential and existing infringers to the fullest extent allowable by law, but also by overcoming attacks on the validity of their registered rights.


With one of the largest trademark practices in Thailand and Vietnam, Tilleke & Gibbins regularly handles trademark searches, registration and prosecution of marks throughout Southeast Asia and in other countries, recordal of changes/assignments, oppositions, cancellations, renewals, registration of trademark and service mark license agreements, watch services, coexistences, and customs recordal.


The top-ranked Tilleke & Gibbins patent practice is comprised of patent experts armed with technical credentials and industry experience. The firm handles a full range of work in relation to patents, petty patents, and designs. This includes patent and design searches, registration and prosecution of patents, petty patents, and designs throughout Southeast Asia and in other countries, recordal of changes/assignments, annuity payments, oppositions, cancellations, watch services, infringement assessments, freedom-to-operate analyses, validity and invalidity assessments, and registration of patent license agreements. 


Our IP practice safeguards corporate technology, computer software, Internet content, and the arts, including music and film, by recording copyright ownership in Thailand, Vietnam, and other jurisdictions. We join forces with our dynamic Technology, Media, and Telecommunications group to create comprehensive strategies for effective copyright protection in the region and globally.    


Tilleke & Gibbins continues to lead the way in developing new enforcement strategies. The firm’s services in this area include investigation, staff training, market surveys, comprehensive turnkey anticounterfeiting and antipiracy campaigns, preventive strategies, civil and criminal action, police/excise/customs raids and seizure actions, negotiation and dispute resolution, mediation, arbitration, public relations/press management, government lobbying, law enforcement liaison, and cancellations.

We offer the following recent examples of our IP registration and enforcement activities and capabilities. We successfully: